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Tornados Create Possibility of Lawsuits Against Employers/Building Owners

A surge of powerful tornados across the Midwest and South killed dozens of people and leveled entire communities.  

At the Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory, more than 100 people were working when the tornados began to approach. Numerous workers have claimed that as the storm approached, they pleaded with managers to allow them to leave in order to take shelter in their homes. These employees were allegedly told to continue working or they risked being fired. Once the tornado hit, at least eight workers died and numerous others sustained injuries.

Nearby in Edwardsville, six Amazon workers were confirmed dead on Saturday after a EF3 tornado smashed into a distribution warehouse. The tornado caused the sides of the warehouse to collapse and the roof to cave in injuring numerous employees. The federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration has opened an investigation into the collapse.

Unfortunately, these types of incidents often occur when building owners or employers have improper emergency plans or as the result of poorly designed and constructed buildings. Humphrey, Farrington and McClain has experience representing individuals who have lost a loved one due to a building collapses during a tornado. These cases are complex and represent a unique set of legal and factual issues which requires the right group of litigators and team of experts.   

Our litigation team is comprised of a diverse group of highly skilled and trial-ready litigators who have pursued these types of claims in the past with great success. Our team represents a wide spectrum of individuals nationwide who have been injured and caters the handling of cases to the specific needs of each client. Clients who have been catastrophically injured or have lost loved ones come to our firm for legal help because they may be entitled to compensation for their injuries or loss.

Humphrey, Farrington & McClain also works with referring attorneys across the country to help maximize their clients’ recoveries across an array of personal injury litigation. In recent years, we have paid millions to attorneys who have referred cases to our firm.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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